EMerged Fitness & Dance Company

Aqua Fit Classes

Exercise in water is commonly acknowledged as a widely accessible activity that provides good cardio vascular and muscular exercise for all with minimal risk of injury.

Aqua Fit is one of the top activities to help achieve the Government's recommendation to exercise five times a week.

Aqua Fit is an aerobics based session in the pool that can maintain and improve stamina, strength and suppleness as well as increase cardiovascular fitness. Unlike aerobics on land, Aqua Fit is low-impact and the cushioning effect of the water protects joints in the spine, ankle, hip and knees. It is suitable for people of all ages and abilities as participants can work at a variety of levels by increasing effort and using resistive equipment.

A combination of dance and Zumba tracks are used throughout the session as well as including circuit style workouts to increase muscle tone and calorie burning.

Please bring a swimming costume and towel.
Showering facilities are available.
A bottle of water and indoor flip flops may also be brought onto poolside.