EMerged Fitness & Dance Company

Bouncing Ballet Classes

This class allows children to increase their movement, singing and imaginative skills further by focusing on developing basic ballet vocabulary and technique, rhythm, gross motor skills and confidence.

The use of sing-a-long songs and props allows all children to feel part of the class in their own individual way, as well as broaden their skills. Classes are kept fun and involve lots of interaction between all the children and the teacher, with constant encouragement to participate and engage in specific exercises to increase skills and confidence.

Bouncing Ballet allows children to increase social skills and movement principles which will assist them as they approach school age.

The class is 30 minutes long and a parent or guardian is welcome to sit in and join in the fun for the first few classes (unfortunately only one grown-up per child please).


Ballet Classes

Ballet is seen to be the foundations of most dance practise and dates back to 17th Century. It involves learning traditional steps and set exercises, along with learning grace and fluidity, which are then put into practise in the form of short dances and performances.

In this class children will learn basic ballet skills whilst improving their musicality, posture, flexibility and strength, all of which are needed to progress their dancing ability.