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Circuit Training Classes

Circuit training is one way of structuring a fitness session. A circuit session can include both strength and cardio activities, making it a popular choice for those short on time but enjoy both areas of fitness. Any person who wants to exercise - beginner to advanced - can incorporate circuit training into their fitness programme. It is a versatile, effective form of training for muscular endurance and general conditioning and can be done at high or low impact.


Circuit training involves various stations in which you move immediately from an exercise for one muscle group to an exercise for a different muscle group until all major muscle groups have been worked. The stations can include and combine free weights, resistance bands, balance boards, cardio exercises and own body weight exercises.


Moving immediately from one station to the next allows you to work the cardiorespiratory system as well as the muscular system, giving a full body workout whilst burning calories and body fat.


This class is not just for "fit" people, it is the perfect class for any level of fitness as you can perform at your own level and see noticeable improvements each week.


Please wear trainers and comfy clothes that do not restrict movement.
It is essential to bring a bottle of water and advised to bring a towel.