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Mini Echoes Dance Club

Mini Echoes dance club is a great way to introduce both boys and girls to movement and dance.

It is open to all abilities and involves a variety of dance and movement based activities to increase co-ordination, spatial awareness and body skills.

Sessions will vary in content, from learning set routines to creating their own dances, and will include a variety of styles such as Movement Play, Street Dance, Ballet and Cheerleading.


Echoes Dance Club

Echoes Dance Club focuses on the combination of Street and Contemporary dance styles. The club welcomes all abilities and provides basic dance training along with activities to enhance co-ordination, spatial awareness and body skills, such as flexibility and strength.

Creativity is a key aspect of this club, drawing from all aspects of inspiration and learning to use the body in different, unusual and new ways. The students are involved throughout the choreographic process to allow them to input their ideas into new dance routines. This gives them a great sense of achievement and ownership over a piece.

As a class we learn a new dance each term and strive to attend local events to have the opportunity to perform (but this is not compulsory!)

Echoes Dance Club also includes other dance styles such as Ballet, Cheerleading and Jazz .