EMerged Fitness & Dance Company

Keep Fit Classes

Keep Fit promotes a healthy and active lifestyle for all ages.


The classes are suitable for all ages, abilities and both men and women. They aim to work on physical fitness by including a combination of Aerobics and Resistance Training.


Aerobic exercise involves raising the heart rate above the normal rate by performing combined steps and movements. This strengthens the cardiovascular system and maintains the health and ability of the heart and lungs. Aerobics aims to burn calories and targets major muscle groups, making it a great form of exercise for overall fitness, as well as toning legs and arms – can be performed at a high or low impact.


The resistance exercises included within these sessions aim to provide a full body workout. As well as body weight exercises, equipment such as free weights, resistance bands, steps and stability balls are used in order to strengthen and tone stomach muscles, arms and legs.


At the end of each class we work on maintaining flexibility through stretching and allow time to relax the body to release any muscle tension; a great way to distress and leave the class feeling positive about your day.


Weigh ins are also available at these classes and can be monitored to show progress.


Please wear trainers and comfy clothes that do not restrict movement.
It is essential to bring a bottle of water and advised to bring a towel.