EMerged Fitness & Dance Company

Street Dance Classes

Although street dance was developed on the streets of New York, this style of dance has become increasing popular due to TV shows such as Britain's Got Talent and Movies such as Step Up. Street dance is performed to new pop music and danced to the beat and to the lyrics, making it the perfect style to introduce children to dance.

Street dance includes specialist moves that include freezes, popping, locking, jumps, floor work and intricate footwork, all of which are broken down and learnt in manageable sections before combined together to create routines and build confidence in the style, which leads to performing.

The more advanced street dance incorporates the 4 break dance elements: Downrock, Uprock, Freezes and Power Moves to help form a unique individual style.

We work on developing body style, skills and master intricate movements and co-ordination as well as increasing the ability to work as a team, be creative and improvise.